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Since 2015, the fertility-related company OvaScience from Canada has recently launched a new technique called AUGMENT, which has resulted in a high controversy around the world.


It is a new IVF technique designed to improve women’s oocyte quality.

How does it work? Through this technique, doctors have to biopsy tissue from the lining ovaries of a woman normally under general anesthesia, the entire procedure is performed via laparoscopic surgery. Then, samples are transported to the OvaScience laboratory, where the mitochondria from egg precursor cells are isolated and subsequently transferred through ICSI into a mature egg, as well as the sperm.

Status: Commercial

Serving patients in a total of six countries: Canada, Spain, Japan, Panama, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates.

What do you think about it? Do you think it is a useful technique? Would you offer this approach at your fertility clinic?

​You can read more about OvaScience and their treatments in the following links. If you cannot find any paper, let us know and we will send it to you.


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