Carlos Manuel Sánchez Donate

Embryologist Media: SEO - Web developer

Specialism: SEO - SEM

Golden Race

Professional Experience:

Digital Marketing – SEO/SEM: Golden RaceBetting Solutions Company

June 2019 – Present time


Digital Marketing – SEO/SEM: Elephantpinkelephantpink

February 2018 – June 2019

ElephantPink is a leading digital marketing creative agency in its field. It offers all kinds of services related to marketing.


  • Keyword analysis (Spanish and English). Competition and search in different search engines.
  • Definition and implementation of SEO strategies.
  • SEO audits; SEO audits.
  • Traffic analysis and computer media used in websites for study.

Seo On-Site:

  • Duplicate content, Canonical, href lang, Rich snippets.
  • Site indexability studies.
  • Implementation of consoles of the most important search engines in the world. (Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, 360, Sogou).
  • Web server optimizations: NGINX & Apache.
  • Code analysis and improvements (PHP, JS, CSS and HTML).
    • Optimizations in Laravel.
    • Optimizations for frameworks javascripts like React and Angular.
    • CMS optimizations like WordPress.

These optimizations include, the speed of loading of the web and the order of loading. Also to create a system of goals as efficient as possible within the mentioned platforms.

  • Analysis of usability and loading of websites, focused on UX.
  • Definition and implementation of Linkbuilding strategies.
  • Study of penalties.
  • Optimization for Landing pages.
  • Optimization of href lang metatags for multilanguage web.


  • Study and analysis of web traffic along with user behavior. Using a correct reading and implementation of analytics tools such as Google Analitics, Metrica/Metrika, Stat Counter and/or Hotjar.
  • Statistics on the possible future projection with new implementations, to get an idea of the possible growth.
  • Analysis of growth or decreased competition for comparisons and estimates.
  • Study of Google visibility indices in different countries.
  • Checking the visualization in Google from different countries.

SEO Off-Site

  • Linkbuilding Strategies, analyzing which are potentially the most economical and profitable means to obtain a network as natural as possible.
  • Linkbuilding strategies in the best free media. Both for B2B companies and B2C companies, improving the positioning and brand image.

Digital Marketing – SEO: Alfa Generators S.L.Alfa generators

December 2016 – February 2018

  • Creation of an annual Marketing plan to follow a line of work, based on SMART objectives.
  • Integral restructuring of the website to make it more functional, with a catalogue of the company´s products and totally optimized for its web positioning.
  • Periodic analysis of the success of the Google Analytics website with Google Analytics.
  • Front-End Design: Structure change with HTML5, JS and CSS3 languages combined with optimization, editing and image creation with Gimp and Photoshop, tagging each of these images for proper positioning.
  • Photography and debugging of the photographs to adapt them to the web.
  • Translation adapted to web positioning to get the maximum number of impressions in search engines.
  • Restructuring code and images and streamlining MySQL databases (5.7.19) to increase the speed of the web, increasingly important both for user with less patience in online search and for search engines when it comes to positioning.
  • Analysis, interpretation and implementation of keywords to get the largest number of potential customers to the website.
  • Use of tools such as the “Search Console” of Google, Bing y Yandex, to make it easier for these search engines for reading the website and to correct the errors that are generated on the website itself for their own indexing, as well as duplicate pages, incorrect “sitemaps” or fallen links.
  • Use of social networks at a professional level for companies doing Social Media and Community Manager.
  • SEO training for other co-workers.
  • All this structured by means of a CMS (in this case WordPress) for easy use by the directive.

Computer technician:

  • Maintenance of the server the international network of the company, as well as of each of its computer devices.
  • Maintenance of the company s management software.
  • Management of the VPS and all its functions, such as business mail, the website and its proper functioning.

Digital Marketing – SEO: ginstr GmbH.ginstr

August 2016 – December 2016

German company in Enaikoon Group. Work in maintenance and redesigned of the website, as well as in its optimization for good positioning in search engines and increase traffic.

  • Front-end design: Structure change with HTML5, JS and CSS3 languages combined with optimization, editing and image creation with Gimp and Photoshop, tagging each of these images for proper positioning.
  • Translations adapted to international Spanish, to get a greater number of impressions in search engines, without losing the essence of the original German text.
  • Analysis, interpretation and implementation of keywords to obtain the greatest number of potential clients.
  • Code restructuring to improve the speed of the web.
  • Use of tools such as the Google, Bing and Yandex “Search Console” to make it easier for these search engines to read the website.

Computer technician: CISUR | Carrocerías Insonorizadas Sureste SLCISUR

December 2016 – February 2018

Computer science:

  • Maintenance of the server and the internal network of the company, as well as each one of its computer devices. Management of Windows Server 2012 and Windows 10 as servers.
  • Maintenance of the company´s management software.
  • Management of the VPS and all its functions, such as business mail, the website, and its proper functioning-
  • Management of RBL and knowledge of Spam, both at the level of being blocked, and to prevent spam from reaching the same company.
  • Installation and management of employee presence monitoring equipment.
  • Editing of images for the campaigns and being able to send photos of the products.
  • Automation of catalogues, tariffs and technical data sheets, both physical and online.

Analyst: Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

June 2014 – September 2015

I helped to a University teacher for two summers to compile statistics on how tourism might affect a small population and analyse these data. Using tools such as Google Docs and Excel at a professional level.

Web Programmer: Real Club de Regatas Cartagena | InternshipClub de Regatas Cartagena

April 2015 – August 2015

Web programmer as well as advisor of future Social Media techniques.


Polytechnic University Cartagena:

Tourism, Marketing of tourism and travel services

Studii Economice din București Academy:



  • Spanish: Native level.
  • English: Advanced level (C1).
  • German: Basic level.
  • Romanian: Intermediate level.



  • Organization and creation of the First and Third popular career of the UPCT.
  • Organization and creatión of the 1st Afacmur Golf tournament to help the adaptation of a hospital in the Arrixaca for children with cancer.
    • Project name: Por un Sueño – Afacmur.
    • Achievement.
  • Volunteer in the non-profit project Embryologist Media.

Por un Sueño project


Digital Marketing – SEO: Setecar

January 2018 – February 2018

  • SEO audit.
  • Definition and implementation of SEO strategy.
  • Connection with all the search engine tools to be optimized for the company.
  • Hosting migration.
  • Marketing strategy for a B2B company

SEO skills and knowledge:

Madea worldwide

  • Advanced knowledge of analytics software such as Google Analytics, Metrica, or stat counter.
  • Ability to improve rich result through structure data languages such as Json, RDFa, Microdata.
  • Management of web pages both: CMS with and fully customized.
  • Implementation of AMP.
  • Optimization of headlines (H1, H2…) and how it should be a content for engines of search.
  • Analyses of SEO competition and observing its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Search for the most suitable keywords for a correct positioning.
  • Adaptation of images for correct positioning.
  • Real knowledge of these metatags needed for each website.
  • Advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS y PHP.
  • Improve website speed.